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What’s the matter with impact?

impact matters stands for successful organizations in the digital age. With lively humans. And technologies and processes, which are not in the way, but support.
What means impact to you?

How we help you

We help companies, teams and individuals to prepare for the changing world, by challenging the status quo and establishing a culture of continuous improvement. We do this as passionate Lean-, Agile- und DevOps-professionals.

What we do


With or without certification  – enablement in the center

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Our trainers come out of practice. We focus on interactive exercises and edutainment instead PowerPoint shows. Our trainings and the related capabilities are of course only a means to an end. But we also know that challenges cannot be solved with the same thinking that produced them. This is why we focus on trainings which matter in the digital age. For example the DevOps Foundation, which our trainers have conducted as the first ones in whole Europe – or trainings like the Scrum Master, Scaling Agile, Agile Leadership, Kanban, Lean Startup and more.

Not sure which training is the right one for you? Here you find the overview.


Where to start? Where you are!

This way you can do the right next steps. Each organization is unique,  so are you – this is why we always adapt our workshops to your concrete situation and goals:


Transition support

We don’t work as traditional consultant, but as coaches, which understand their profession and help you to understand the relevant aspects in order you can make the right decisions.

Some questions we can answer together:

  • How can I establish an agile mindset and an agile culture?
  • How can I overcome silos in my organization and align my teams along the value streams?
  • How can I spark the employees and get commitment for the change?
  • How can I improve time to market, quality and customer satisfaction?
  • How can I scale agility from team level to program and portfolio level?
  • What can I do as a leader to support the Agile Change?
  • How can I ensure a consistent service experience along the touchpoints of the customer journey?
  • How can I create efficient team, agile structures and optimal collaboration?
  • What is for my scenario the suitable agile method?

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Current Spotlights

Agile Leadership

The digital transformation and the mindset of a new generation of employees currently change almost every company. What can I do as a leader to support this?  Read more

Lean, Agile & DevOps Fusion

You want an introduction and overview of the agile, lean and devops principles and practices, you want to understand the connections, find a missing puzzle piece or decide, what method is the right one for your scenario.. Read more…

Business Agility

How can we as companies succeed in a world of disruption, increasing complexity and a new mindset generation? Business Agility is the key to success. Read more…

Serious Games

Agility is like riding a bicycle – you have to to it to understand it. Games like LEGO4Scrum are a good way to experience and practically understand Agility and Scrum. Also very suitable as team event.  Read more…

Happy Clients

Events with impact matters

SMFS Schweiz: Business IT-Alignment? IT im Business! Erfolgreiche BizDevOps Teams in der Praxis.
26. Oktober 2023, Zürich-Flughafen

SwissICT Agile Breakfast Bern: DevOps Mindset: You build it, you own it
11. März 2019, Engehaldenstrasse 37

DevOpsDays Zürich 2019: What is your done?
Mai 14th 2019, Umweltarena Zürich

DevOps Value Stream Mapping: Experiences and Learnings. Zusammen mit Swiss Re
DevOps Meetup Zürich 2. Juli 2019, Wiesenstrasse 10a · Schlieren
DevOps Meetup Bern 12. September 2019, Vatter Business Center, Bärenplatz 2, Bern

In the News

“Alex Lichtenberger gründet impact matters”. Netzwoche Article from Feb 4th 2019

DevOps Institute nominates global DevOps Ambassadors, impact matter is part of it. prnewswire, Aug. 12th



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