Agile Team Liftoff

The starting point for your team into a successful Agile journey

After this workshop the team is able and motivated to start with the Agile journey
Introduction to the Agile mindset, principles, values and practices and usage in your concrete environment
Agile4Us: How will we work together in the future? What is “our” Agile?
Not just “doing” agile, but something which makes sense for the whole team and everyone is commited to
If needed coaching of the team for the first sprints

Agile Team Liftoff

Agile teams are happier, focused on a common vision, react fast and flexible to new challenges and deliver best results in the shortest time. Self organized teams are in the center of Agility, taking end to end responsibility for a product or a service. For example with the Product Owner as the “Voice of the Customer” and the Scrum Master as a servant-leader. Agility is a never ending journey, which regular retrospectives, in which the team is reflecting own behaviours and is continually improving.

This journey is individual to each team, but the right starting point is essential for the success. A typical Agile Liftoff Workshop looks like this:

  • Introduction agile Philosophy with Ball Game
  • Agile basics with principles and practices like Scrum or Kanban
  • In parallell doing the LEGO4Scrum simulation – learning by doing
  • Agile4Us: Where and how do we start: Product scope, roles, events, artifacts, dependencies, challenges and how to deal with them
  • Definition of next steps, e.g. dates of first sprints planning etc.

If needed, we support the team for the first 2-3 sprint as part of an  agile coaching. This as part of a “Coach the coach”, this means the Scrum Master is staffed within the team – our job is to enable the Scrum Master and the Team until they feel comfortable in their new role and we are not needed anymore.

If the team has already Agile experience and it’s about identifying improvement potential an Agile Assessment or DevOps Discovery can make sense. In a broader strategic context we offer the  Enterprise Transformation.

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