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Training: Kanban (看板)

Increase your productivity with Kanban and learn how work can be visualized, organized and improved with Kanban and how to integrate it into your daily work.

   Duration 2  days
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Kanban has become the defacto standard for the way of working in Agile and Lean teams. In this training you will learn how to build the right Kanban system in your work context and how to use it. You will learn, how work is “pulled”, how work in progress is reduced, how flow is optimized and how you integrate continuous improvement. After this training you are able to succesfully start with Kanban or to identify and implement improvements in your existing Kanban System.

  • What is Kanban and why is it working so well?
  • Where can Kanban be used?
  • Visualization of work and flow
  • Understanding and setting of WIP Limits
  • Pull vs Push
  • Flow based working
  • Scaling of Kanban – from team to corporate
  • Combination of Kanban with other methodologies (e.g. Scrum -> Scrumban)
  • Feedback Loop Meetings with Kanban
  • Metrics and measurements
  • Successfully starting with Kanban

Everyone who has the need for more transparency and efficiency.

No formal prerequisites.

After successful completion of the training, students receive a certificate of attendance.

You want to focus on certain topics or have customized content? Or instead a training a workshop, with an as is assessment and concrete next steps? No problem – we are happy to implement this for you.

Interested? Get in touch with us to get a quote for an inhouse training.

Why Kanban at impact matters?


Interactive sessions instead Power Point shows
Out trainers are experienced Kanban coaches
We can customize the content to your needs
This training has been performed already many times

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