Training: DevOps Engineering Foundation ℠

An engineering approach is critical to DevOps journeys. This certification validates understanding of the foundational knowledge, principles and practices from a technical perspective needed to engineer a successful DevOps solution.

   Duration 2 Days
   Training material Training folder & digital. Access to case studies, additional sources and the DOI DevOps community

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DevOps Engineering Foundation ℠

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DevOps is a complex maze that has many leaders frustrated. Many enterprises struggle with their DevOps journey, or even knowing where to start. There are many layers of people, process and technologies across each organization that are instrumental to engineering a successful DevOps solution. DevOps is not something you go get a quote for and simply buy. It’s an evolving journey.

This course explains the many aspects of DevOps engineering that leaders and practitioners can execute upon. While DevOps Foundation provides an overview of DevOps, this course will provide a closer look at the implementation process from an engineering perspective. It is an in depth view of the major aspects of engineering DevOps. An engineering approach is critical to DevOps journeys. This course provides the foundations of knowledge, principles and practices from a technical perspective needed to engineer a successful DevOps solution.

This course positions learners to successfully complete the DevOps Engineering Foundation exam.

Your trainer Alex Lichtenberger is a DevOps, Agile und Lean Enthusiast with long-year experience in DevOps implementations and was one of the first DevOps trainers in Europe. Alex Lichtenberger is actively engaging in the DevOps community as blogger, conference speaker and academic lecturer.

  • Module 1: DevOps Engineering Foundation
  • Module 2: DevOps Technology
  • Module 3: Applications Architectures & Continuous Integration
  • Module 4: Continuous Testing
  • Module 5: Ephemeral Elastic Infrastructures
  • Module 6: Continuous Delivery & Deployment
  • Module 7: Metrics, Monitoring, Observability, Governance
  • Module 8: DevOps Pipelines and Continuous Compliance

The target audience for the DevOps Engineering Foundation course are individuals involved in engineering and technical practices such as:

  • DevOps Practice owners and process designers
  • Developers, QA engineers and Managers who are interested in understanding how DevOps works.
  • Employees and managers responsible for engineering or improving processes.
  • Consultants guiding their clients through process improvement and DevOps initiatives.

Some familiarity with DevOps processes and Agile is recommended

Successfully passing (65%) the 60-minute examination, consisting of 40 multiple-choice questions, leads to the DevOps Engineering  Foundation certificate. The certification is governed and maintained by the DevOps Institute. DevOps Institute (DOI)

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Why DevOps Engineering at impact matters?


Not just tech, but integration with culture
Trainer is experienced Agile & DevOps coach
Not just certification, but impact that matters

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