DevOps Discovery

Take the next step and break down silos between business, IT development and operations and learn from Spotify, Netflix & Co!

Already possible as 1 day workshop
Common understanding of the various DevOps concepts and practices
What makes sense in your context, to a achieve your goals and address your challenges?
Definition of next steps, with commitment of team (improvement backlog)

DevOps Discovery – People, Process, Technology

Faster and better. These are the goals of DevOps. Companies like Netflix, Etsy, Spotify and Google have influenced DevOps from the beginning. DevOps ist “the way we do things”, their culture. How can we adapt the success of these “Unicors” to traditional companies? In this 2 day training we will together learn the principles behind DevOps and their adaption through practices like continuous delivery, value stream, shift left, automation and work on the following results:

  • Your “Why DevOps?” und your DevOps vision
  • Defined goals
  • Business metrics to measure your goals
  • A first roadmap with concrete next steps

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Impact is what we do. We support organizations, teams and individuals to prepare for the changing world and to challenge their status quo. We do this as passionate Lean, Agile und DevOps professionals in a network of 700 coworkers at Impact Hub, where “the new way of working” just “the way we do things” is.


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