Agile team coaching and taking charge of Agile roles

Team Coaching

As part of our trainings and workshop we convey content and define together next steps, however in long term each team has to take accountability for the necessary roles internally. In the agile context the roles of the Scrum Master, Kanban Flow Master or Product Owner are vital.

As Agile coaches we support these teams for example in the first 2-3 sprints, ask the right questions and give methodical input in the individual context. Until the Scrum Master or Product Owner feel comfortable to fulfil their role in their own and to apply the agile principles.

Taking charge of Agile roles

Ideally the team establishes the Agile roles internally and we just act as “Coach the coach”. However, it can be that there is a lack of a suitable person internally. In this case we can take charge of these roles. As experienced Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Kanban Flowmasters.

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