Organizational Scan

Where to start as an organization? Where you are! Each organization is individual, so are you. Understand your status quo and your goals to go the right next steps.

Organizational Scan

Agility often starts small. Teams start applying agile principles and experiment with Scrum or Kanban. And they are successful with it: Focused on a common vision, clear priorities, best results in shortest time and more job satisfaction. Other teams see this and do the same. Transformation Bottom Up, accepted by the employees. Such first steps are an important experience and learning for the company. Alignment and Agile Leadership stay often unadressed.

Our organizational scan is embedded into our enterprise transformation approach – a continuous cycle of Assessment, Strategy, Pilot/Rollout and Reassessment, We offer the Organizational Scan also standalone – as a base for you to get a status quo and future recommendations for the path of Business Agility. We take a holistic view – along various dimensions such as culture, skills, applied practices, leadership and autonomy/alignment. An organizational scan typically works like this:

  1. Initial workshop, in which we agree on goals, dimensions to look at and business metrics to measure success
  2. Followed by interviews to identify the status quo and recommendations
  3. We document the results in form of an assessment report

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