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Training: Professional Scrum Master

Learn the most popular agile method and how to successfully use it. After completion of the training you can do the exam to obtain the Porfessional Scrum Master certificate, issued by

   Duration 2 days
   Training material Training folder, Scrum book & digital
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Professional Scrum Master

Scrum is the most successful and popular framework to implement agile: With its simple structure and clearly defined roles, agile principles can be learned and implemented fast. The benefits of Agility show up in a short time.

The self-organized team is in the center of Scrum. The Scrum Master helps the team to stick to the flow, to remove impediment and to continuously reflect and improve the way of working.

In this 2 day training the students learn the principles fo Agile and Scrum and its practical usage. Students practically learn the roles of the Scrum Master, the Sprint Team and the Product Owner and discover the usage and benefits of event like Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Backlog Refinment and Sprint Retrospective.

Optionally and if required, we combine the training with the LEGO4Scrum Simulation, in which Scrum is applied end2end, from product vision to sprint delivery.

  • Introduction Agility: Mindset, Values , Principles
  • Comparision agile and traditional approach: Advantages and disadvantages
  • The Scrum philosophy
  • Scrum Roles and their responsibility: Scrum Master, Sprint Team, Product Owner
  • Meaning and usage of Scrum Events: Daily Standup, Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives
  • Meaning and usage of Scrum Artifacts: ProductBacklog, Sprint Backlog, Burndowns
  • Optionally LEGO4Scrum: Playing through the Scrum flow end2end
  • Scaling Agile: Scrum of Scrums, Scaled Agile Framework
  • Adapting Agile and Scrum in your organization

This training is everyone who wants to work or already works in an agile team, be it as Sprint Team member, Scrum Master or Product Owner.

No formal prerequisites. Participants should read the official “Scrum Guide”, which will be distributed beforehand.

Professional Scrum Master PSMI certificate, issued by

For Scrum experienced classes, there is the possibility to go directly for the Professional Scrum Master PSMII certificate. Training content will be more detailied accordingly.

Wir können den Inhalt dieses Trainings auch auf ihre Bedürfnisse anpassen. Beliebte Vertiefungen und Ergänzungen sind:

  • Integration Agile & klassische Governance
  • DevOps Aspekte
  • Kombination Scrum mit Kanban: ScrumBan
  • Skalierung

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