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Experience Agility hands-on with LEGO4Scrum and other Games. Also very suitable as team event.

   Duration 1/2 day to 1 day
   Serious Gaming Alternatives: DevOps Simulation and other Games


Scrum is like riding a bicycle: You can talk about – but at the end you only understand it by actually doing and experiencing it.  LEGO4Scrum is based on this principle. Per default being part of our Scrum trainings, we also do LEGO4Scrum standalone. In this simulation you run through all stations of the agile flow: Starting with the product vision, going to the continuously prioritized backlog, estimation with planning poker, until the actual sprints, which result in a LEGO city of which the teams can be proud of.

Before the simulation itself we usually do a short introduction into Agile, combined with the Ball Game. At the end there is also the possibility to do a deep dive into specific topic like DevOps or scaling agile – depending that is your time budget and the goals.

Further Agile & Lean Game, which we often combine with our trainings and workshop

  • DevOps Simulation
  • Marshmallow Contest
  • Kanban Game
  • Ball Game
  • Planning Poker Game
  • 100$ Test
  • Retrospektive Games, e.g.  “Happy Face / Sad Face”, “Retro Starfish” or “Open Space”
  • Lean Coffee and Consensus Process
  • Introduction agile mindset, values, principles and Scrum
  • Ball Game
  • LEGO4Scrum simulation
  • Q&A, discussion and closing

Teams which want to learn about Agile ans Scrum or just want an event to have fun and improve collaboration.

no prerequisites

Die Teilnehmer erhalten im Anschluss an das Training eine Teilnahmebestätigung.

You want to focus on certain topics or have customized content? Or instead a training a workshop, with an as is assessment and concrete next steps? No problem – we are happy to implement this for you.

Interested? Get in touch with us to get a quote for an inhouse training.

Why LEGO4Scrum at impact matters?


Fun und practical understanding of Agile
Trainers are experienced agile coaches
Perfect as an introduction into agile
Already 300+ LEGO4Scrum done

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