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Long-year Trainers with practice experience
 With or without certification – enablement in the center
  Interactive sessions instead power point shows
High quality and consistent training material
Access to online folder with training material, templates and various ressources
All trainings available in English or German
As an Inhouse format, modularization and customizing of content to your goals or as a workshop

Our Trainers

Alex Lichtenberger

I am a passionate Lean, Agile & DevOps coach and trainer. I support since several years teams and organizations on their transformation journey. For me, trainings are a good opportunity to convey in my experiences and tips along the theory. A training is successful for me, if I can inspire the participants for new ways of working and if they can use it in their day to day work.

Carsten Oberstebrink

I am a passionate Lean & Agile Coach and trainer. In my opinion trainings and coaching are only successful if get to catalyst the participants access to the topic and to inspire their active usage of the new knowledge and insights in their professional and private lives. Enablement and acting upon the knowledge in everyday context are crucial.

Davies Shields

I am a passionate business analyst with 15+ experience in various projects, trainings and workshops. Trainings and workshop are for me a great platform to convey and exchange knowledge – with the goal, that every participant has learned something new and can combine that with existing knowledge.


I work as a trainer and technical agile coach, where I help humans, teams and organizations to discover, build and deliver new exiting products. The desire for improvement (and the smell of coffee) get me out of bed in the morning. When I am not mountain biking or playing the trumpet, you maybe find me in a local user group, where I meet with other nerds! Impactful training you spot a few weeks later, when people come back with good feedback and tell the trainer about their success stories.


I am a passionate Lean Startup coach, trainer and mentor. As responsible for the startup weekend in Switzerland I was already able to support more than 500 prospective entrepreneurs in the validation of their business idea and as organisator of the Lean Startup Meetup I help to visualize the methods of a startup and to use the conveyed knowledge in the day to day work.

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