Event: DevOps Value Stream Mapping: Experiences and Learnings

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Date: Tuesday, July 2nd 2019, 17:45
Place: Zühlke Engineering AG, Wiesenstrasse 10a Schlieren


Since the beginning of the DevOps movement, we are looking for new ways to increase flow, shorten feedback loops and creating a culture of learning and experimentation. Value Stream Mapping, originally an old lean technique, is one possible way to support that goal: By making the end-to-end “As Is” Value Stream transparent, identifying bottlenecks and finally improvement measures. Sounds nice and straight-forward? Justus Graumann from Swiss Re and Alex Lichtenberger from impact matters will share their experience from some real Value Stream Mappings. How they approached it, what the outcome was, the challenges and learnings.

Justus Graumann from Swiss Re is working in Finance IT as an application architect / engineer. Besides his normal daily workload, he promotes various DevOps topics in his business domain it environment.
Alex Lichtenberger from impact matters is a DevOps, Agile and Lean enthusiast. As a coach and trainer Alex is helping companies in his daily work to become more resilient&agile and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

After the talk there will be enough time to discuss your sepecific topic in open space sessions.

17:30 – Door Opening
17:45 – Welcome and Short Introduction
18:00 – DevOps Value Stream Mapping: Experiences and Learnings
19:00 – Open Space*
As usual there will be enough beer and snacks 🙂

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