Value Stream Mapping

Get out of the silos, bring all involved on a table, visualize and optimize your work along the flow and put customer value into the center. Small steps, big impact!

Already possible as 1 day workshop
A common view of your value stream, across the departments
Real improvement measures, which are accepted by the participants  (improvement backlog)
The ideal start for your DevOps journey and the establishment of an improvement culture
or just to bring fresh air into your restrospectives

With the established and successful Value Stream Mapping method you bring an end2end view into your product or service creation chain. This can be for example an application – from requirement, development, release until operation. It doesn’t help if everyone just optimise within the own silo – For example if developers increase speed of cycle time, but IT operation on the other end is fighting with instability. In the center of the Value Stream Mapping are a series of question, which we answer together in the workshop:

  • About which product or service, that we deliver to our internal, are we talking about?
  • How does work flow through our organization?
  • Can we eliminate steps or artefacts, which are not adding value?
  • Where do we have “idle time”?
  • How can we collaborate more closely and avoid unnecessary handovers?
  • What is the effort and time needed for each activity?
  • Where does it make sense, from a holistic point of view, to optimize?

The Value Stream Mapping itself can for example take place as a 1 day workshop, as a preparation we perform some interviews and have already a draft “As Is” value stream ready for the workshop. At the end of the workshop the participants have agreed on improvement measures.

“Any improvements made anywhere besides the bottleneck are an illusion. Astonishing, but true! Any improvement made after the bottleneck is useless because it will always remain starved, waiting for the work from the bottleneck. And any improvements made before the bottleneck merely results in more inventory piling up at the bottleneck. ”

― Gene Kim, The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win

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