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Training: Value Stream Mapping

Learn how to visualize and optimize your value streams, while putting customer value into the center. Small steps, big impact!

   Duration 1  day
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Value Stream Mapping

With the established and successful Value Stream Mapping method you bring an end2end view into your product or service creation chain. This can be for example an application – from requirement, development, release until operation. It doesn’t help if everyone just optimise within the own silo – For example if developers increase speed of cycle time, but IT operation on the other end is fighting with instability. In the center of the Value Stream Mapping are a series of question, which we answer together in the workshop:

  • About which product or service, that we deliver to our internal, are we talking about?
  • How does work flow through our organization?
  • Can we eliminate steps or artefacts, which are not adding value?
  • Where do we have “idle time”?
  • How can we collaborate more closely and avoid unnecessary handovers?
  • What is the effort and time needed for each activity?
  • Where does it make sense, from a holistic point of view, to optimize?

After this one day training you are able to apply Value Stream Mapping on your own in your concrete company context.

We offer this training also as a workshop – if you want a moderated workshop, with next improvement steps for your concrete value stream.

  • What is Lean?
  • The Lean view on processes and waste
  • Introduction to Value Stream Mapping
  • Challgenges
  • End-to-end exercise based on a real live example
  • Combination Value Stream Mapping with the problem solving technique

Everyone who wants to know how to visualize value and waste and how to improve

After successful completion of the training, students receive a certificate of attendance.

  • We offer this training also as a workshop – if you want a moderated workshop, with next improvement steps for your concrete value stream.
  • DevOps Foundation: Applying Value Stream Mapping in the context of continuous delivery and automation

no prerequisites

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Why Value Stream Mapping at impact matters?


Interactive sessions instead of PowerPoint shows
Trainers are ecperienced Lean coaches
Customizing of content if needed

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