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Training: Design Thinking

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower“ – Steve Jobs.
But how do we innovate? Your challenge is to create new products and services as well as continuously improve and re-invent existing products to stay ahead of your competitors. This training shows you how to use the successful concept of design thinking for you to improve your abilities to innovate in our organisation.

   Duration  1 or 2 days
   Training Material  digital and/or in a training folder

Design Thinking

The goal of design thinking is to go by the “trial and error” principle to elicit the „real“ needs of people and using the possibilities of the available technologies, thereby identifying innovative ideas to create products which are more successful than those of your competitors.

What is design thinking? Design thinking is a powerful and successful approach which is used by designer all over the world to create new products as well as re-design and improve existing products. But it can also be used to support the solution design to complex problems which need to be solved.

How does it work? Design thinking is a structures approach with a wide range of create tools and techniques. You and your team create ideas for new products or ideas on how to re-design and/or improve an existing product. The core component is the immediate visualisation of ideas with simple (but creatively effective!) tools such as cardboard, paper, cards, post-it notes, whiteboard etc. and the recurring testing to see if the idea works or not.

Design thinking doesn’t have to be limited to its use for the development of physical products or software. It is also great to explore the possibilities to improve customer services, optimisation of production processes or to optimise room planning for a complex working environment..

  1. The design thinking action plan
    How to structure your design thinking activities
  2.  The design thinking mindset
    A design thinking mindset consists of five iterative steps: „think like the user“ / „know the right questions” / “believe in sharing (crazy) ideas” / “believe you can prototype” / “test your prototypes”
  3. Design thinking check lists
    Create an ideal environment by ensuring all necessities are in place: room, space, tools, etc.

Business Leaders, Subject Matter Experts, Business Analysts, Product Owners, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, Innovation Manager, Consultants.

Interest in creative and modern collaboration to foster innovation and sharing ideas, fundamental understanding of agile principles and the agile mindset.

Participants receive a training confirmation at the end of the training.

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Why Design Thinking at impact matters?


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