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impact matters stands for successful organizations in the digital age. With lively humans. And technologies and processes, which are not in the way, but support.

We help companies, teams and individuals to prepare for the changing world, by challenging the status quo and establishing a culture of continuous improvement.

We are experienced Lean-, DevOps- und Agile-coaches and trainers with many projects and transitions done in that area.

Alex Lichtenberger

In my daily work I am a passionate Agile-, Lean, and DevOps trainer, coach and consultant. For me, Agility does not end at IT development, but only works if the bridge between business, IT development and operation and if a culture of continuous improvement can be built.
After completing my studies as lic. oec. HSG (MA) and scientific work at the Institut für Wirtschaftsinformatik at the University St. Gallen I worked from 2001 as developer at IBM. There I learned the IT craftsmanship from the ground and helped customers to build business solutions, amongst others a new core banking system for a Swiss bank.
After that I went through some exciting professional stations: In the IT of a Swiss healthcare company as project manager, later in the outsourcing area as global service delivery manager for an international pharma company, where I was accountable for building, running and improving a managed security service. After that I was leading several years the end user services, IT risk & compliance area at a Swiss bank.
2011 I started at Glenfis, where I was responsible for building up the agile business unit. With the creation of the brand “Pontine” 2016 we were able to establish ourselves in the market as agile training provider and coaches. Beginning of 2019 I founded impact matters.

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