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Workshop: Agile Testing

Intensive two day workshop to get a grip on quality in your agile product with state of the art techniques and thinking.


Agile Testing

The workshop Agile Testing offers members of agile teams the knowledge and skills to hit the ground running in an agile project. It is full of exercises that make you think about an effective approach to agile testing. What should you watch out for and how do you get a grip on quality in your agile project?

We discuss how to optimally support the team through a ‘test driven’ approach. We explain what testing process is needed to keep up with changing requirements. We help you explain the importance of quality in your team. We explain techniques like Specification by Example and Exploratory Testing and practice them. We highlight nonfunctionals, from the perspective from operations to business. Last but not least we discuss behaviour and attitude. What (other) competences does testing in an agile setting require?

Agile Testing is an intensive group training with assignments in teams, group discussion and hands on exercises. It is a two day workshop for up to 16 participants, to which participants bring their own work context. The workshop is run in English by two trainers. Materials are in English.

Your Trainers

Upon completion of this course you should be able to:

  • understand the value of a whole team approach to quality and be able to function as the quality conscience in an agile team,
  • help the team focus on adding value,
  • understand the importance of small increments and quick feedback. You’ll be able to apply feedback loops in your project,
  • use the agile testing quadrants as a communication tool,
  • know when and why to use test automation,
  • understand the limits of best practices,
  • express specifications as examples and understand the advantages of Specification by Example,
  • apply and give direction to Exploratory Testing.

The training is for everyone working or about to work as a test specialist in an agile setting. You’ll get the most out of it when you’re either an experienced tester transitioning to agile, or a member of an agile team new to testing.

Basic knowledge of Agile and Scrum is required, for example acquired through attending a one day Agile/Scrum training. (We’ll be happy to provide or recommend one.)

After successful completion of the training, students receive a certificate of attendance.

You want to focus on certain topics or have customized content? No problem – we are happy to discuss our in-house edition with you.

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